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Brezan Hoorn and Purmerend part of own Alliance network.

20 Nov 2020

Category: AAG News, Press Releases

Brezan Hoorn and Purmerend part of own Alliance network.

On 1 February, Brezan Hoorn and Purmerend joined the network of Brezan Automaterialen, subsidiary of Alliance Automotive Group Benelux. The acquisition of these two former franchises is the next step in Brezan’s strategy to further expand its own network. The employees of Brezan Hoorn and Purmerend will also be acquired by Brezan Automaterialen. Former owner of Brezan Hoorn, Frank Dobben, has been working for Alliance Automotive Group Benelux for some time. Martin de Haas, former owner of Brezan Purmerend, will support the Purmerend and West Friesland region as account manager.

Martin de Haas: “This decision was made easier for me particularly because this acquisition and the changes it involved enables us to get closer to the customer, provide an even better service and continue to be the prime address for automotive companies with the same colleagues in the locations. We look forward to a great future with Alliance Automotive Group in the region.” 

Frank Dobben: “The changes in our market segment have made the importance of a regional approach increasingly important, despite having had a strong and good relationship with the franchisor. By taking this step, Alliance Automotive Group can also move forward in this region.”

Cor Baltus (CEO PartsPoint Group): “Our franchise partners know our strategic position that we like to have control over the Brezan network. The two branches are a great addition to our own network. These are important towns which form a geographically continuous area. This facilitates upscaling and cooperation, resulting in better availability for the customer.”

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