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AAG in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Alliance Automotive Group UK&IE is a leading distributor of light and commercial vehicle parts to the automotive aftermarket, serving over 30,000 repairers across the UK & Ireland. AAG UK comprises two distributors networks (GROUPAUTO UK and the United Aftermarket Network) that benefit from an efficient logistics and product offering from its wholly-owned subsidiaries FPS, J&S, Apec, Platinum Batteries and BTN Turbo. Consolidated revenues are around €650m, with over 5,000 employees working for the group across 800+ distributor outlets.

The combination of these businesses gives our associated members and garages market-leading commercial terms on exclusive private label brands as well as original equipment (OE) or OE-matched quality suppliers. Our affiliated and wholly-owned distributors have access to business services such as fleet deals, branding, utility services, and marketing support.

AAG Companies in the UK & Ireland



Acquired in 1997, GROUPAUTO UK is a national trading group, including 531 branches throughout the UK.



AAG acquired UAN in 2015. It is a network of independent parts distributors with 240 outlets across the UK.


CAAR, one of the largest buying groups in the UK with over 300 member stores, was acquired by AAG in 2023.

Alliance Automotive UK Subsidiaries

Alliance Automotive UK Subsidiaries supply light and commercial vehicle parts to over 36,000 independent garages, franchise networks and public services throughout the UK.

FPS Distribution

Automotive parts distributor FPS was acquired in 2016 and has become a key part of AAG’s logistics offering, delivering parts to our affiliated or owned distributors across the UK.

J&S Automotive Distributors

J&S Automotive Distributors was established in 1977 as a small single site motor factor, AAG acquired the business in 2021, which has helped the business go from strength to strength.

Now, in 2023, J&S is the leading provider of Autoparts & Accessories in Ireland, delivering daily to both independent and owned customers across the island of Ireland.

Apec Automotive

AAG acquired Apec in 2016. With a rich legacy spanning over half a century in the automotive aftermarket. Once a name synonymous with quality braking, Apec now signifies excellence across a diverse range of automotive products.

BTN Turbo

One of Europes largest independent turbo distributors BTN Turbo was acquired in 2016.

Platinum Batteries

Platinum International was acquired in 2018 to strengthen our position in the UK battery market. In 2023, Platinum merged with FPS, ensuring that customers continue to have access to high-quality products and services.

In 2023, AAG acquired Tayna Limited, a leading e-commerce platform focused on automotive, leisure, and motorcycle batteries, with a well-established market presence.